Traditional Thai cuisine Bangkok

Element Restaurant

Elke l’Amie

                           25 May 201822 March 2016

Traditional Thai cuisine Bangkok

With many restaurants in Bangkok, you would assume a delicious and authentic Thai restaurant is easy to find. Well, all the street food is for sure authentic and everywhere in the city. However, restaurants in the center and most hotels often change the flavor a little to the taste of the guests. Especially if the guests are farang like us 😉 (foreigner). If you like spicy food you really have to tell them (“pet mak”).  

So when the Amara hotel invited me to try their Thai passion menu at Element I was pleasantly surprised about their Thai Cuisine. Bangkok ‘s Element has another happy customer. The food was delicious with a real authentic flavor. 

Cocktail time


I started the night with a yummy pink cocktail. The best way to decide what to eat is by sipping on a cocktail right? 

The menu of has many options, some familiar, some I never saw before and of course, which I had to try. They really gave the traditional Thai dishes a beautiful presentation. This made it difficult for us to choose.

One thing I love about Thailand is that all the menus have pictures, so you know exactly what it looks like. Mostly it makes it easier to choose, but when it all looks good it’s even more difficult.

It feels like you have been invited to their home.

Open kitchen


Open kitchen

The restaurant has an open kitchen this allows the guests to have a look at the chefs that are preparing the Thai cuisine. Bangkok ‘s Element restaurant has a luxurious feeling with a dark classic interior. 

Ready for some delicious Thai cuisine?

Pictures say more than a 1000 words, so get ready to get hungry! 


Even though we were really full, we saw coconut ice cream on the menu. And no one says no to coconut icecream right? Luckily we were with two so we could share the dessert (and calories) beween us. 

Coconut Icecream


Discount Thai Cuisine Bangkok?

Did you know that in-house guests of the Amara Hotel receive 15% discount on the Thai Passion menu?

Would you like to know more about the hotel? Perhaps for a nice staycation? Check out my hotel review here.

How to contact Element Restaurant?

Telephone: +66 2 021 8888 ext 5320

reservations from:

Monday – Sunday

6 pm – 10.30 pm

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