Top 5 rooftop bars in Bangkok

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                           14 June 2018 March 2016

Rooftop bars in Bangkok

Bangkok has such an amazing skyline, but where is the best place to see it? There are many rooftop bars in Bangkok, as there are many people (14 million in the Metropolitan Region) too. Luckily I haven’t been to all (yet :P), but I have been to enough places to tell you my favorites.

So let me give you my top 5 rooftop bars in Bangkok. Check them out yourself and let me know your favorite in the comments! Or you more a fan of happy hours? Check out my other blog post for the best ladies nights in Bangkok

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 at Lebua Hotel

First things first…

Before you dive into one of the awesome rooftop bars in Bangkok with your shorts and flip-flops, let me explain a few things.

One, no flip-flops, or slippers whichever you prefer. Sandals for ladies are fine. Second no shorts. Haha, you could kinda guess that one by now. For almost all of the rooftop bars in Bangkok, they would like you to dress up nicely. And the pictures look better too when you are looking cute in your cocktail dress (right..?).

1. Cielo Sky bar

My favorite rooftop bar in Bangkok is definitely Cielo Sky bar. The view from the 46th floor is breathtaking and its 360 degrees. Best panorama view in Bangkok if you ask me! Don’t forget to make a reservation and ask for the best table to see the sunset.  The food is a little pricey, but they have some snacks too.

I would recommend going to the rooftop for sunset drinks and visit W-market afterward for food. W-market is a beer garden, just around the corner from Cielo. They have all kind of food and it is a chill place to hang out.

Where is Ciel Sky bar?

You can find Cielo Skybar on the 46th floor of the Skywalk Condominium. It is 5 minutes walk from BTS Phra Khanong (W-district).

Beautiful view over Bangkok

Cielo Sky bar

2. Octave rooftop lounge and Bar

Another favorite rooftop bar of mine is Octave. This bar knows multiple levels and is situated on floors 45 – 49. The best 360 degrees view is from the top level and is amazing by sunset. Make sure you have a reservation because it can get a little crowded especially during happy hour from 5-7pm. 

Where is Octave rooftop lounge and bar?

You can find Octave on the 45th floor of the Marriot Hotel. It is less then 5 minutes walk from BTS Thonglor.

Make sure you have a reservation because it can get a little crowded especially during happy hour from 5-7pm. 

Amazing sunset

Octave rooftop bar

(photo courtesy of Bangkok Marriot Hotel)

3. High-So Rooftop bar

One of the first rooftop bars in Bangkok I went to was High-So at the Sofitel Hotel. It was with an event from Girl Gone International. This is an expat women group, I am one of the Community Managers. Email me if you want to learn more about GGI, happy to share! 

The view of High-So is beautiful, you can see all over Lumphini Park. Also, the cocktails are pretty good! They don’t have a lot of food choices, but they do have snacks.  

Where is High-So Rooftop bar in Bangkok?

The Sofitel hotel is about 5 minutes walk from MRT Lumphine (opposite Lumpini Park). The rooftop is on the 30th floor. You have to take two elevators to reach the 29th floor, after that you can take the stairs to the highest level. Here you have the best view of Bangkok. 

Girl Gone Internation Meetup

Hi-So rooftop bar

Sofitel Hotel

4. Zoom Sky Bar

If you have a celebration or want to go out for a luxury dinner this rooftop bar in Bangkok is the place to go! The 360 degrees view over Sathorn is gorgeous and you can have a delicious dinner here too. 

You can stay for the whole night as in the evening you can go dancing with a live DJ. It is a little walk from the BTS, especially if the girls are wearing heels. But on the other hand, you can spend the whole night here if you want.

Where is Zoom Sky Bar?

This rooftop is about 10-15 minutes walk (depending on how fast you go haha) from BTS Chiong Nonsi. Zoom Sky Bar is situated on the 40th floor of the Anantara Hotel.

Please pay attention: there are two Anantara hotel’s, Zoom Sky Bar is in Sathorn.

Luxury Dining

Zoom Sky Bar

(photo courtesy of Anantara Hotel Bangkok)

5. Sky Bar / Alfresco 64

Do you remember the movie the Hangover 2? If not go watch it and let me know what you think in the comments ;-). Anyway, this movie is shot in Bangkok and especially the Skybar of the Lebua Hotel is famous for it. Sadly you notice this by the price range of the drinks too. That said, the view is amazing! It is one of the highest rooftop bars in Bangkok and an awesome place to take visitors for a drink (if they pay themselves of course..). 

Lebua hotel has twee amazing rooftop bars. Sky bar (from the movie The Hangover 2) and Alfresco 64 famous for its whiskey. They are both on the same level, the 64th floor.

Where is the Lebua hotel

Both rooftop bars are at the Lebua hotel. It is about 10 minutes walk from BTS Saphan Taksin. Both bars are located on the 64th floor.

The dress code at these particular rooftop bars in Bangkok is very strict. 

Gorgeous skyline of Bangkok

Whiskey bar Alfresco 64 

The famous Dome from the Hangover 2 movie

Skybar Bangkok

(Photo courtesy of Lebua Hotels & Resorts)

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