Thailand Culture  Do’s and Don’ts.

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                           23 October 201722 March 2016

Thailand do’s and don’ts?

The Thai culture is probably very different from where you are from. As it is from where I am from, The Netherlands, but you probably know that by now. When you move to another country that will be your home for a while, it is important to know about the culture. But before it turns in to a history lesson I want to give you a few simple ” Thailand do’s and don’ts”.

Most importantly it is about respect. As you might not agree with everything, you are still just a visitor in this new country :-).

Showing respect while giving alms to the Monks (food offering)

Picture: Khun Sasin Tipchai

Before we go to the list of Thailand do’s and don’ts I want to explain the most important things.

1. The Royal Family

The Royal Family is very important to the Thai people. Unfortunately, the beloved late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama 9) passed away on October 13th, 2016. He was the world’s longest reigned head of state (70 years). He was a father to the people of Thailand. The final farewell was on October 26th, after a year of mourning. There was a five-day royal funeral Ceremony.  A very sad day for Thailand. The new King is his son, King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun (Rama 10).

Wat Yai Chai Monghkol; Ayutthaya

2. Religion

Besides the Royal Family religion is very important in Thailand. 95% percent of the country is Buddhist. There are also many Buddhist holidays, on these days there is a ban on the sale of alcohol, starting from midnight. Here you can find the dates, so you know when to stock up.

There are also many Buddhist holidays, on these days there is a ban on the sale of alcohol.

Further be careful when you ship your stuff overseas, importing Buddha statues or paintings is not allowed.

The head is the most important part of the body and the feet the lowest. Touching a strangers head or pointing with your feet is disrespectful. This also goes towards Buddha statues. 

I already told you before that the most important thing is being respectful, this goes of course while visiting temples but also on the street.

To save you from embarrassing yourself (come one, we’ve all been down that road before :P)…

Thailand do’s and don’ts

Thailand do’s

ღ Respect the Royal Family

ღ Eat street food

ღ Learn (at least) the basics of Thai language

ღ Be patient, everything just goes a little slower here (blame the heat)

ღ Unfold money before you pay

ღ Take of your shoes before entering a house or temple

ღ Drink ice cubs

ღ Eat with a spoon

ღ Count to 10 (don’t lose your temper). Mai pen rai

Thailand don’ts

ღ Point or pick up things with your feet

ღ Put your feet on the table

ღ Use the street for your make-out session. Get a room 😛

ღ Go sunbathing topless

ღ Get upset if they call you farang

ღ Forget to smile

ღ Import or export Thai Buddha statues / paintings

ღ Touch a strangers head

ღ Be loud in public

ღ Don’t visit the tiger temple or go elephant riding

ღ Hug a monk, even if he is cute

ღ Overthink too much (Sabaai, Sabaai)

Don’t forget to SMILE, life is about “Sanuk”

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