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                           28 February 201822 March 2016

Teeth whitening Bangkok 

Last week I was invited to review the teeth whitening program at The Smile Bar.

I love a nice cup of coffee or tea in the morning and this was getting noticeable at my teeth as well. And because it is difficult to find the right place for teeth cleaning, especially in a new city like Bangkok, it is good to have a reliable place to go to. So I am happy to share my review with you!

The Smile Bar

The Smile Bar offers teeth whitening in Bangkok. They use a famous concept found in Sweden. It is a 100% safe, efficient and painless way to whiten your teeth within 20 minutes. They use a very effective method with whitening- gel and a lamp. But it will all be explained to you the moment you step inside the hygienic Smile Bar.

My teeth color before the whitening 


100 shades of white

Before you start with the teeth whitening program at The Smile Bar Bangkok they will check your current teeth color and explain the process. There are many shades of white, too many to show on a chart. I started with shade 22, more or less in the middle of the chart.  

Get a whiter smile in 20 minutes

Within just 20 minutes, The Smile Bar can make your teeth between 2 to 9 shades whiter. 

There are three teeth whitening packages at The Smile Bar. 

1. Single Whitening for 20 minutes (top up / maintenance whitening)

2. Double Whitening 2 * 20 minutes (most chosen)

3. Triple Whitening 3 * 20 minutes (for even better results)

If you want you can even book a foot massage while you wait for your teeth to get whiter!

For prices check the website here.

Within just 20 minutes, The Smile Bar can make your teeth between 2 to 9 shades whiter.

Dentist check

Before you start your teeth will be checked by a dentist. The Smile Bar works closely with the dentist next door. Before the whitening can start the dentist will check if a proper teeth cleaning is necessary for a better (and healthier) result.



Relaxing while waiting for my teeth to get whiter.

Relaxing egg chair

While waiting for the teeth whitening to kick in you can relax in these “egg chairs”. I totally want one at home, they are really comfy. Only I prefer one in pink haha.  You can take a power nap or borrow an Ipad and headset to listen to some relaxing music. “Easy Peasy”.

End result teeth whitening Bangkok

The Smile Bar

Teeth whitening Bangkok – The end result

After 2 x 20 minutes, my teeth were back to their natural white color. I could definitely see a good difference in the color compared to the color before we started. I went from shade 22 to 12. Quite the difference and that after 40 minutes!

I can definitely recommend the teeth whitening program in Bangkok at The Smile Bar. It is an efficient and fast way to get your teeth a few shades lighter.

The whitening effect can last until 6 months. 

Me enjoying my new whiter smile 🙂

Teeth whitening Bangkok – The Smile Bar

You can find The Smile Bar at Siam Square Soi 5, only a few minutes walk from BTS Siam.

You can try it out too! Grab your 10% Discount

The Smile Bar offers a 10% discount for readers of my blog. Use the code: “BKK Expat Girl for a 10% Discount on teeth cleaning in Bangkok at the Smile Bar. The discount is valid for the whole month March (2018).

Contact The Smile Bar here.

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