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ZAZZ Urban Bangkok

Elke l’Amie

                           07 January 2019 2 March 2016

Stylish Business hotel in Bangkok

At the end of last year (wow that sounds like along time ago haha) I was invited to stay at ZAZZ Urban Hotel in Bangkok.

A stylish business hotel in the Rama 9 area. The hotel is convient for business guests as there is a co-working space available as well as a meeting room to rent. But also for tourists and expats it is a perfect location. As the hotel is opposite of the lively RCA. A super nice nightlife spot to go clubbing with the locals. 

Check out the Onyx Bangkok & Route 66 nightclubs. BTW DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID!!! They are very strict here!

Welcome ice cream

Zazz Urban Bangkok

Welcome with ice cream

Have you ever checked into a hotel and received ice cream as a welcome eh.. drink..? For me it was the first time and I totally love the idea! Everyone knows how hot Bangkok can be so the refresing ice cream was a very warm welcome 😉

Z plus room @ Zazz Urban Bangkok                                               

Complimentary candy 

Gorgeous Bathroom

I love the design of this stylish business hotel in Bangkok. Let’s start with the bathroom; because everyone likes a beautiful bathroom in their hotel room right? Well, get ready for a totally #instagrammable bathroom. I love the fresh white design. It is exactly what you need after a long day full of meetings or a hot and sweaty stroll through the streets of Bangkok. 

Get ready for a totally #instagrammable bathroom. 

The white design gave the bathroom a beautiful luxurious look.

Stylish bath @ Zazz Urban Bangkok

Rooftop bar – Zook

Besides chilling in the bathtub there is also a lovely rooftop bar, Zook, where you can go for an after work drink and something to eat. The bar is decorated with cool murals.




Zazz Urban Bangkok

Definetly try one of the many cocktails and I am a total fan of the mac and cheese! Even writing about it makes me feel hungry. 

1+1 Happy Hour promotions from 4.30pm – 8.30pm



Yummy breakfast 

One of my favorite things about staying at a hotel is breakfast. During the week I eat a basic yogurt with oats breakfast therefor in the weekend and on holidays I like to go all out. So when you serve me waffles, you know the key to my heart.


Zazz Urban Bangkok

You can stay at Zazz Urban Bangkok too.

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