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Dusitd2 Khao Yai 

Elke l’Amie

                           10 October 2018 March 2016

Serene Dusitd2 Khao Yai

Last month Dusitd2 Khao Yai invited me to stay at their hotel. A beautiful and luxe hotel in Khao Yai. It is the newest hotel of the Dusit Hotels in Thailand.

Khao Yai is about 2,5 hours drive from Bangkok. Every time when I am looking for an green escape out of the city, this is my go to! 

Only smiles for Dusitd2 Khao Yai

Arriving at Dusitd2 Khao Yai

Because we wanted to beat traffic we arrived early at the hotel. We had a little walk around and already noticed how quiet en serene the Dusitd2 Khao Yai was.

Our room wasn’t ready yet but we were pleasantly surprised with coffee and pastries. This was very much appreciated after a long drive from Bangkok.

 A very warm welcome with these delicious pastries                                    

Beautful spacious room with bath tub

Room exploring

After we finished our delicous coffee and pastries we were brought to our room. Bonus points on the coffee btw. I love my coffee strong and it was really good! We felt like  real celebrities cruising around in a golf cart, not driving ourselves ofcourse. So luxurious!

The best thing about our room was the magnifient view of the mountain. You could hear the birds chirping and it totally felt like a different world. I think living in a humid and polluted Bangkok makes you appreciate views and fresh air like here (haha) even more!

We felt like real celebrities cruising around in a golfcart.

Khao Yai means Mountain Big (or Big Mountain as we would say it in English) and the Dusitd2 Khao Yai hotel gives a perfect view of the mountain. Khao Yai is a National Park and if you ask me it is the best one in Thailand to spot wild animals.

Dream view over Khao Yai @ Dusitd2 Khao Yai


Pool vibes with a view 

Everywhere you go around the hotel you can enjoy the gorgeous and green view over Khao Yai National park. Even at the pool you are surrounded by green. 

Not all hotels in Khao Yai have a pool, because they are more focussed on the National Park. You get the best of both worlds in this luxe hotel in Khao Yai.

Pool vibes

Dusitd2 Khao Yai

You get the best of both worlds in this luxe hotel in Khao Yai.

All the activities

The Dusitd2 Khao Yai hotel won’t leave you bored as there are many activities around the hotel. They even have bunnies an alpaca’s to play with. I am the biggest fan of little bunnies but also highly allergic. 

Prepared with antihistamine and tissues I still had a little cuddle with these cuties (from a appropriate distance haha).

Swipe to the right for more bunnies, I warn you though. After this you want one too!

Rock climbing

If you are looking for a more active activity, Dusitd2 Khao Yai also has a rock climbing wall. You can rent shoes at the reception of the hotel. Unfortunatly I didnt try it because I was too occupied playing with the bunnies. Yup, guilty! But next time I defentily give it a go, as I do love it! 

Things to do in Khao Yai Dusitd2, rock climbing.

Breakfast buffet

If you ask me the best meal of the day is breakfast. I love a long brekkie! (or brunch if I don’t want to get up early haha). Breakfast was served in buffet style with choices of western and asia dishes. Lot of yum things to choose from. They also had a egg station which a cook to prepair your egg just the way you like it.

Tip, go sit outside so you can enjoy the view a little more. It’s not that hot yet in the morning.

Yummy breakfast.

Dusitd2 Khao Yai

Romantic tree house

If you have something to celebrate or want a nice romantic evening Dusitd2 has something really special. There is a treehouse at the luxe hotel in Khao Yai where you can have romantic dinner. In the evening the set up is really lovely with all the lights. During the it is a awesome place for a photo shoot. It was raining when we were there so we didn’t have dinner at the tree house. But of course we had to do a little photo shoot.

Off to la-la land in my tree house

You can stay at Dusitd2 Khao Yai too

Do you want to stay at this amazing hotel too?

Pretty sure you were already sold after seeing the bunnies right?

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