Public holidays Thailand.
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                           27 November 201722 March 2016

Public holidays Thailand.

“Holiday… Holiday…” We all love our holidays. Thailand has quite a few official public holidays (at least if I may compare to The Netherlands again). The Buddhist holidays are determined by following the lunar (moon) calendar.  This means these holidays have a different date every year. Just so you know ;-).

Celebrating Chinese New Year

China Town Bangkok.


Unfortunalty not an official national holiday in Thailand

Read this first!

Before you get all excited about these public holidays in Thailand and start marking your calendar, let me tell you three important things first.

1. Alcohol Ban

First of all, let’s start with the most important thing. During the most important public holidays in Thailand, these are mostly the Buddhist holidays, the bars and clubs close earlier or even close entirely in some cases. Further, there is a ban on the sale of alcohol starting at midnight. This means bars that are open, don’t serve any alcohol. Also, supermarkets (including 7/11) won’t sell it. Some small bars will ignore the rules and serve alcohol in coffee mugs, but better to stock up :P.

On the other hand, these days are important Buddhist days. We have to respect the religion of the country we live in. And I am sure it will be good for you to have a sober weekend for once (yup, talking to myself :P). Go hiking orso 🙂

There is a ban on the sale of alcohol starting from midnight.

2. Public holiday Thailand in the weekend

Second of all, if one of the public holidays in Thailand falls on the weekend, you will still get a day off. The day off will be on Monday. The public holiday will still be celebrated on the same day though.  

Traffic Jam

Bangkok center

2. Traffic Jam

Third of all, if you decide to go on a trip for the long weekend for example. Be aware, that you are not the only one! If there is a long weekend everybody will be on the road. Most Thai people will go and visit their family, the rest of us will take this opportunity to go on a trip. Yes! Guilty!

Meaning MAJOR TRAFFIC JAM! Normally on a Friday evening, the traffic is bad. But traffic on a Friday of a long weekend is crazy. And don’t get me started if it is raining. It can take up to two hours to reach the airport. So be aware!



ღ New Years day

ღ Makha Bucha day **

ღ Chakri Day

ღ Songkran (Thai New Year)

ღ Labor Day

ღ Visakha Bucha Day **

ღ Asahna Bucha Day **

ღ King’s Birthday

ღ Mother’s day

ღ Passing of King Rama 9**

ღ Fathers day

ღ Constitution Day


Sunday *, January, 1st

Saturday *, February, 11th

Thursday, April, 6th

Thur – Sun, April,13th – 16th

Monday, May, 1st

Wednesday, May, 10th

Saturday *, July, 8th

Friday, July, 28th

Saturday *, August, 12th

Friday, October, 13th

Tuesday, December 5th

Monday, December, 11th



Monday, January, 1st.

Thursday, March, 1st

Friday, April, 6th

Sat – Tue, April 14th – 17th

Tuesday, May, 1st

Tuesday, May, 29th

Friday, July 27th

Saturday*, July, 28th

Sunday *, August, 12th

Sunday*, October, 13th

Wednesday, December 5th

Tuesday, December, 11th.

* If a public holiday in Thailand falls on the weekend, Monday will be a substitute day off.

**Alcohol ban on this day

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