Must see in Pattaya  Firework festival

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                           25 June 201822 March 2016

Must see in Pattaya?

Every year Pattaya organizes an international fireworks festival. During this festival, multiple countries shoot against each other to have the best firework show. 

The event started to celebrate the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday. With a break in the year the latest king passed away, it has been a fantastic show every year.

Beautiful fireworks

Pattaya Beach Road


The first day of the International Firework show is a rehearsal. It will only take about 30 minutes and will be a practice shooting for the real show the next day. Even though it is a rehearsal, it is still amazing to watch. As they won’t hold back.

International Firework Show day 1

Food, Food, Food

It wouldn’t be a Thai festival if they didn’t have food. A big part of beach road is closed for the firework festival. Along the road, there are many food stalls. You can get anything from Som Tam to Kebab. Also, there are some clothes and of course a bar where you can get drinks.

If your hotel is along beach road it is possible you can’t access it by car as part of the road is closed for both days.

It wouldn’t be a Thai festival if they didn’t have food.

At night beach road in Pattaya will turn in to a market.  You can get all sorts of yummy food. A lot of cooked meals, like curry, fried rice or som tam. But also squid, prawns and for the meat lovers there is chicken kebab too.


The real contests start on day 2. This on Saturday. Around 7.30 – 8 pm the firework show will start (it’s Thai time, so can be a little later). They shoot for about 2 hours, with breaks in between. On the beach, they will have live music and lot of other fun activities. 

It is really a must see in Pattaya if you are here during this period. 

Slide to the right for an awesome firework gallery

Must see Pattaya

International Firework Show

Where and when?

This year the firework festival was in June (8-9 June). The date for 2019 has not been announced yet.

All the activities will be along beach road. But I like to watch the fireworks from my hotel balcony. This way you have the best seats and you don’t have to worry about people standing in front of you.

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For the best expierence, make sure you ask for a sea view room on the highest level!

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