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Elke l’Amie

                           2 July 201822 March 2016

Meditation retreat Thailand 

A dream of mine was always to stay at a retreat in Thailand. So I was very excited when The Marndadee invited me to come to their amazing boutique resort. It was so peaceful and quiet and beautiful green! Definitely a treasure to be found in Chiang Mai.

Welcome @

The Marndadee

A little paradise in Chiang Mai

The moment we arrived at The Marnadee we felt so spoiled. The people were so friendly, they did everything to make us feel at home. It felt like we were staying with family because everyone seemed so close to each other. 

We stayed at the beautiful Lanna Colonial Suite. The style of the suite was very romantic and gorgeously designed with art and teak wooden furniture. 

Lanna Colonial Suite @ The Marndadee                                             

Beautiful room

The room had a very luxury feeling, but at the same time, we felt very much at home.

The view from the suite was amazing, green everywhere you could look. Perfect for a meditation retreat Thailand. The bathtub on the balcony was so beautiful, they filled it with flowers, pandan leaves, and limes. It smelt fantastic and was super relaxing. Didn’t want to leave.

Dream bath – Meditation retreat Chiang Mai – The Marndadee

Surrounded by rice fields – meditation retreat Thailand

The luxury resort in Chiang Mai is surrounded by green. It has such a relaxing and peaceful vibe you will feel totally zen after staying here. 

So beautiful and green everywhere

(swipe right for more)

Amazing infinity pool

The pool at the Marndadee Boutique resort in Chiang Mai is absolutely stunning. You have a beautiful view over the Ping river. With the tjirping birds its a paradise for sure!

Stunning infinitiy pool with river view

Dining with river view

The restaurant of the Chiang Mai luxury resort has an amazing river view too! Order a set meal to share and a nice bottle of wine and chill out for the night. (Don’t forget mosquito spray as you know these buggers love you!) 

Delicious dinner with an amazing view.

Fun activities – Chiang Mai luxury resort

Besides the amazing pool and peaceful surroundings, this luxury boutique resort offers a lot of other activities too. 

Rice plantation

Learn how to transplant rice. The Marndadee has her own farmers and rice fields. It is a fun activity and the “farmers” really friendly.

Slide through the pictures to see the progress.

Thai cooking class

Learn to cook traditional Thai dishes like “pad thai”, “tom kha gai” and “som tam salad”. You will make all the dishes yourself with help of the chefs from The Marndadee. Of course, after your hard work, you can enjoy the delicious lunch made by yourself. Enjoy!!

Slide through the pictures to see our cooking skills. Too bad you can’t smell the aroma in this blog post.

Pandan Craft activities

Make beautiful craft work from pandan leaves. You can make parrots, fish and even an amazing bouquet of flowers (roses). It is a really nice activity to do. Will help you destress as well, escpecially with the green surroundings of the rice fields.

Meditation retreat Thailand

Starting in November 2018 The Marndadee Boutique resort will focus on being a wellness retreat.

Guests can enjoy a retreat to relax mind, body, and soul. There will be yoga and meditation activities. All the food in the resort change to organic and healthy. It will be a perfect retreat especially coming from a stressful and busy environment as a big city like Bangkok.

Would you like to stay at this beatiful resort too?

Are you feeling a bit stressed or just want to get a way from the busy city? Go to Marndadee boutique resort in Chiang Mai. You won’t regret it and I am pretty sure you will come back totally zen!

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