The best       Ladies Nights in Bangkok

Elke l’Amie

                           28 October 201722 March 2016

Ladies nights in Bangkok.

We all love our free flow (yeah, I got you ;-)). And we are very lucky that there are many ladies nights in Bangkok. Restaurants and bars love to get the ladies in early to start the night.

Ok, let’s stick to the important part here…


Ladies night at The Zuk Bar

photo: siam2nite

Where can you find the best ladies nights in Bangkok?

Every day is Friday in Bangkok, well it isn’t but it could if you want it to be. Because on almost every day of the week, there is a ladies night somewhere in Bangkok. 


Ladies Night Bangkok











Every day


Every day


Buy one get one all night

Free flow prosecco (6-9pm) minimal spend 400 TBH food

Free flow prosecco (9-12pm)

Free Margaritas (6-8 pm)

Free flow prosecco (7.30-9.30)

3 free drinks before midnight

Buy one get one (5-9 pm). Also for the boyz 😉

Wine free flow 499 TBH nett / Beer free flow 399

6 PM /  9PM



Oscar Bar (Asoke)

Maya Restaurant


Ce La Vie (Sathorn)


Coyote Bar (Asoke)

Woo Bar (Sathorn)


Levels Club (Asoke)

Vogue Lounge (Sathorn)


Coffee and Cider (Modena by Fraiser hotel, Asoke)

Ladies night Bangkok

Where is my favorite?

My favorite place to go for Ladies night in Bangkok is Vogue Lounge. Why? Well, because…

  1. The cocktails are amazing;
  2. The view outside is gorgeous
  3. The food (try the mini hamburgers!) is delicious and
  4. The people are super friendly.

Spoil yourself with a nice glass of wine (also 1+1) and a cheese platter and I will call it the perfect night. You heard me, I said cheese and wine..!!!

The free flow prosecco nights are fun too, but if you want to spare yourself a major headache the next morning, I would definitely recommend Vogue Lounge. It is a school night and we all know you won’t drink just two glasses…. Yes, totally using myself as an example here. 🙈

It is a school night, and we all know you won’t drink just two glasses…🍾

Vogue Lounge, Sathorn

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