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Sala Ayutthaya

Elke l’Amie

                           01 December 201722 March 2016

Luxury design hotel Ayutthaya

Last month I was invited to stay at Boutique hotel Sala Ayuttaya. A little luxury tressure in the ancient city of Thailand.

Ayutthaya is one of my favorite ancient cities in Thailand. If you love exploring old temples, this is the place to be. Read more about this interesting city on my blog “things to do in Ayuttaya”.

View from the terrace

Sala Ayutthaya

Arriving at Sala Ayutthaya

We were a little early and super excited about our stay in the best hotel in Ayuttaya. So while waiting for our room, we decided to try out one of the refreshing fruit shakes and enjoyed the beautiful view.  It was getting quite hot, so the cool drink was a nice treat. 

Superieur room @ Sala Ayuttaya                                               

Complimentary dried fruit 

Exploring our room

The first thing I do when I arrive in my new house for the night is jump on the bed (ok, ok, I wait until the bell boy is gone and until I made a million pictures, but after that.. jumping time). The beds at this luxury hotel in Ayutthaya are very comfy. Not too hard (as most beds are in Thailand) and definitely not too soft, so don’t worry about sinking into the mattress.

The first thing I do when I arrive in my new house for the night is jump on the bed.

The room had a very luxury look and feel with the white and wooden decorations.

Besides the comfy bed, the best part was the round bathtub. It was that we were in Ayutthaya to see the temples, otherwise, I would probably still be in this bath. Couldn’t resist making some pictures of course.

Dream bath @ Superieur room Hotel Sala Ayutthaya

Relaxing in the swimming pool

After a long and sweaty day exploring the temples, there is no better thing then to cool down in the pool of the hotel in Ayutthaya. And I can tell you the pool was cool ;-). A little too chilly for my taste, but can’t complain about the water temperature with a pool design like this. I think it is every architect’s dream to design a pool like this. 

Chillin’ in the pool.

Sala Ayutthaya

Breakfast with a view

The best hotel in Ayutthaya served a la carte breakfast with choices as yogurt with granola, pancakes or french toast. And besides the a la carte menu you could get some fresh juices and fruits. 

Breakfast with a view Hotel Ayutthaya

Who would say no to a breakfast with a view like this? And bonus points for the fresh croissants, they were very tasty.

Yummy breakfast.

Sala Ayutthaya

You can stay at this hotel in Ayutthaya too.

Do you want to stay at Sala Ayuttaya too?

Of course, you want! It is a little treasure in the middle of Ayutthaya.

Check out the rates here!


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