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Idyllic resort 

Elke l’Amie

                           31 January 201822 March 2016

Tropical vibes at Idyllic concept Resort Koh Lipe

Where do you take your friends for the ultimate paradise experience? Koh Lipe! A gorgeous island also referred to as ” The Maldives of Thailand “. And they were not wrong! The island is gorgeous, but which resort is best in Koh Lipe?

After a little research on finding the best beach, we knew we wanted to stay at Sunrise Beach. The island is small and to get the real tropical island experience Idyllic Concept Resort Koh Lipe is the place to be!

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Gorgeous view from Sunrise Beach

Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe

Arriving on a gorgeous tropical island

On arrival of this beautiful little island, you will be dropped off at the main pier. Here you will be picked up by employees of your resort in Koh Lipe.

The moment we arrived at Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe our tropical adventure began. Beach swings on a white sand beach overlooking the blue ocean, you stole my heart Koh Lipe! 

Exploring our room

I stayed with two friends in one room and the Idyllic resort in Koh Lipe was kind enough to put another bed in our room. The rooms are very spacious so it fitted easily! You know my routine, so first I did a little jump on the bed to see if it isn’t hard as a rock. If you haven’t been to Thailand yet, be prepared for hard matrasses and soft pillows (not my favorite!). Anyway, the bed did not disappoint! Bonus point for you Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe!

The bed did not disappoint! Bonus point for you Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe!

A tropical view from I-Garden 

Idyllic Resort

The rooms are surrounded by a lot of greenery. It gives the perfect tropical vibe!

BUT HEY! Don’t forget to bring your mosquito spray! Not sure about you, but they love me! (I think it is the overload of sweet cocktails).

I-Comfy Room @ Idyllic Resort                                               

One of the two swimming pools @ Idyllic Resort

Healthy breakfast

The Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe serves a delicious and healthy buffet style breakfast. You can choose from a variety of yogurts and healthy shakes to fresh seasonal fruits and bread. Also, try out the egg station and pick the style you are craving for!  My personal favorite is the poached egg, it was really good!

And maybe even more important, they serve a good cappuccino. I normally drink a regular Americano in the morning, but on a holiday my breakfast needs to be a little party.

Delicious and healthy breakfast @ Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe

On a holiday my breakfast needs to be a little party!

Sunrise Beach

You haven’t been to Sunrise Beach if you haven’t seen the sunrise right? So we woke up at 5.15 coming to the conclusion we were a little too excited. If you are at the beach at 6.15 it is early enough.

We chilled out by the beach for a while and enjoyed the quietness with a nice cup of coffee (from our room as breakfast is not served yet).

The reward of waking up early was magical. The sky turned pink with a golden glow. It was definitly worth it!

The gorgeous sunrise in front of the resort.

You can stay at this resort in Koh Lipe too.

Do you want to stay at Sala Ayuttaya too?

Of course, you want! It is a little treasure in the middle of Ayutthaya.

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