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Amara Bangkok

Elke l’Amie

                           20th May 201822 March 2016

Luxurious 4-star hotel in Silom area

Have you ever thought of a staycation? Eh.. what? A staycation is a holiday spend at home or near home. Bangkok has many beautiful hotels, the weather is (almost) always nice and sometimes you really don’t have time to travel far for a trip.

So why not go for a staycation? I was delighted to try it out for myself when Amara Bangkok invited me to stay at their beautiful hotel in Silom.

Staycation is a holiday/vacation spent at home or closeby home and visiting local attractions.

Bathtub goals from the Club Room 

Amara Hotel

Bathtub goals

After a little taxi ride from Asoke, we were happy to arrive at the Amara hotel in Silom. Normally the first thing I do is jump on the bed, but this time my eye fell on something else. An amazing bathtub with a view of the beautiful city. I knew where I was spending my lazy Sunday. But first I was craving for some pool times!

I knew where I was spending my lazy Sunday.

Pool vibes @ Amara hotel in Silom

Chill’n in the infinity pool

The pool of the Amara hotel in Silom has an awesome view over the business center of Bangkok. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the view and of course the sunset. Preferable with some colorful cocktails. As hey… a staycation is a vacation is equal to drinking colorful cocktails as that equals happiness. Right?

Enjoying my delicous 

Amara Hotel

Happy hour

The AkaAza Rooftop bar is the perfect chill out spot to watch the sunset. Try one of the cocktails from the list. If you come between 7 pm and 9 pm they even have happy hour (1+1). Need I say more? Cheers 🙂

Colorfull coctails & snacks

Amara Hotel

Breakfast buffet

At the Element restaurant, you can enjoy a lovely breakfast buffet. They have all types of bread and fruits and even an egg station. After I finished I spotted a waffle station too, but I was just too full to try that out. Should have started with that haha. It is always best to have dessert first right, in case you get too full.

Yummy breakfast.

Amara hotel

All day breakfast

We all know that feeling when you are a bit lazy and don’t want to wake up early for breakfast. Amara hotel has the perfect solution for this. All day a la carte breakfast. The all-day breakfast is served at the Element Restaurant. 

But if you really don’t want to leave your room, there is always room service. So when you want you can even eat in bed! #lazysundaygoals


Element restaurant

If you are looking for delicious and authentic Thai food, I would definitely recommend the Element restaurant. Normally we don’t like to eat at the restaurant of the hotel, because the flavors of the Thai dishes are mostly a little bit adjust to the taste of the guests (who are mostly not used to spicy Thai food).

But the dishes of the Thai Passion menu were traditional Thai and really tasty. Can you handle more pictures without going for Thai food after? You can find my review here.


What to do around the hotel, in Silom area?

The hotel is located in the business district of Bangkok. Close to MRT Silom and BTS Chong Nonsi. What else is there to do around the hotel in Silom area? Near the hotel is the Patpong Night Market. You can buy lot’s of bags, shoes or souvenirs here. Fun place to shop and wander around. Besides the market, there are a lot of delicious restaurants, cafes and fun bars to go out for a drink.  Best brunch places are to find around Chong Nonsi BTS. 

Ready for your staycation? Book the 4-star luxurious Amara hotel in Silom! 

Book the 4-star luxurious Amara hotel in Silom.

It is a beautiful hotel, with an awesome pool in the center of Bangkok.

Check out the rates of Amara hotel here!


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