Guide to tailor made clothes in Bangkok.

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                          25 July 201822 March 2016

Find a tailor in Bangkok

We all know the tailor shops owned by Indian families. There are so many! Never seen any? Go walk around Nana or Asoke and I am pretty sure you’ll bump into one. You can hear them from far away “tailor suite sir, dress mam”?

Or maybe you even fell for the NR. 1 Tuktuk scam. The one where the Tuk Tuk driver shows you around town for a very cheap price. So cheap you have to ask yourself “why is he being so nice”. Well, they drop you off at places (like a cheap tailor in Bangkok) where they get coupons for gasoline. Don’t worry we’ve all been there!

There are so many shops that you start to doubt about the quality and the price.

I love having my clothes made! I almost don’t buy any clothes in normal shops anymore. So where do I go and how does it work? Read my guide and get your clothes made by a tailor in Bangkok. (spoiler alert… its addicting!!)

Outfit made by tailor in Bangkok

Koh Chang

Why go to a tailor in Bangkok? 

There are many shopping malls in Bangkok, but mostly they stock up small sizes. Not sure about you, but my size is slightly different than the average Thai girl. I have curves and I am definitely taller.

Once I went to Platinum Mall (BTW the place to go for fake bags, eyelashes, makeup, Halloween costumes!). This mall has a lot of clothes too, very cute ones I must say. Only you can’t try them on and most are one size fits.. eh.. not me!  So I bought a cute dress, seemed like a perfect fit. Arrived home and ended up with a cute shirt… way too short for a dress.

So after that disaster, I decided to find a tailor in Bangkok and made sure it was the perfect fit!

Pretty tule skirt made by a tailor in Bangkok

The perfect little black dress tailor made Bangkok.

Follow these steps to your own tailor-made clothes!

Step 1: Enter the world of Pinterest.

Beware, once entered the world of Pinterest there is no turning back! OMG, it is addicting!!!!

You probably already heard of Pinterest or even using it. If not it will be about time you followed up with the rest of the world ;-). Most of my ideas for clothes come from this program. So many beautiful fashionable clothes you can find here. All amazing ideas for your own tailor-made clothes. Feel free to Pin my ideas too, I will start uploading my pictures to my Pinterest page soon.

So the first step is to find the type of clothes you want to have made by the tailor in Bangkok. 

Beware, once entered the world of Pinterest there is no turning back! OMG, it is addicting!!!!

Step 2: Go fabric shopping

When you know what sort of clothes you want to make it is easier to find a matching fabric. But where can you buy fabric in Bangkok?

China World

The best place where to buy fabric in Bangkok is in Chinatown. The store is called “China World” and it is a paradise for fabric. Start at the higher levels for the cheapest fabric. On the ground floor, you will find expensive but beautiful fabric like silk.

Searching through all the fabric.

How to find China World?

Easiest to get to the big fabric store in Bangkok is to take the MRT to Hua Lamphong. Take a taxi or tuk-tuk from there. They probably don’t understand if you say China World. Just tell them to go to China Town and let them drive past China Town all the way straight until you reach the fabric shop (just hold an eye on Google Maps).

Hiengyoo Huat – Asoke

If you don’t want to make it all the way to China Town (it can be a pain in the butt during rush hour) go to Asoke. Another favorite shop of mine where to buy fabric in Bangkok is Hiengyoo Huat in Asoke. It is an old Chinese shop. Small compared to China World, but still a lot of choices of good quality fabric. It is more expensive though but saves you the hassle of going to Chinatown. As it is right off the BTS Asoke.



Twee Shop Bangkok

 A little further on the left from the fabric shop in Asoke is Twee Shop. Here you can buy all kinds of accessories you could need. Like buttons, zippers etc.

Most of the tailors will have this themselves. But if you really want to make sure you get the exact button you had in mind you are better of buying it yourself. 

Step 3: Finding the right tailor in Bangkok

The third step on the list is probably the most important one. Where can you find the best tailor in Bangkok?

In Asoke area, I know one good tailor and I will share my secret with you! If you promise to not tell it further lol. 

There is a small shop near the fabric store in Asoke. I have been here multiple times and am very happy with the price and the quality of the tailor. The lady who owns the shop speaks English, which makes communication a whole lot easier.

I do want to give you one important tip! If your outfit has very specific details or you have something specifc in your mind. BE SPECIFIC in explaining too! Don’t assume they will understand, because you will be disappointed with the outcome. Just explain very detailed how the design has to be. Where do the buttons go, what color zipper is it, do you want it to be loose or tight, high waist, low waist etc.

Long story short, be clear and make sure they understand. Because style and taste can be very different for people and if you don’t explain they will make what they think is stylish and it will not always be your taste of style.

I do want to give you one important tip!

If your outfit has very specific details or you have something specific in your mind.

BE SPECIFIC in explaining too!

Where to find a trustable tailor in Bangkok?

To save the best for last, as we all like a happy ending. The shop I am talking about is called “Tim”.

Go into Sukhumvit Soi 14 and take the first street on your right. On your right-hand side, you will find a small shop owned by a Thai lady. It says ” TIM” on the door and the house number is 4/1.


Have fun!!

Good luck and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have more questions.


For more inspiration on what clothes to make, I’ll update my Pinterest page soon. 


ENJOY the exciting world of custom made clothes in Bangkok! 


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