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Elke l’Amie

                           10 December 2018March 2016

Eyebrow microblading in Bangkok?

Ever dreamed of waking up with the prettiest eyebrows? Wouldn’t that be amazing? You probably heard about microblading somewhere but what is it exactly? Is it painfull? And where should you go? As the one thing you don’t want is to look like a clown (we have our hangover mornings for that).

Let me introduce you to the world of perfect brows! And spoiler alert.. I wish I did it way sooner!

End result eyebrow microblading in Bangkok

Together with Artist Nisa

FAQ about eyebrow microblading.

Let’s start with answering a few questions that I had before I decided to go for it and I am pretty sure you are wondering the same thing.

What is eyebrow microblading and how long will it last?

Eyebrow microblading is the same as a semi-perminant tattoo. So it won’t last forever. Depeding on the person ofcourse it will last 1 up to 3 years. Eventually the strokes will fade away.

Does it hurt?

Do you have any tattoos? It kinda feels like that, but a little less painful. It didnt really hurt for me I just found it annoying at the end. You can compare it with little knife scratches, but some parts become more senstive / irritated if they repeat the microblading on the same spot. The last 10 minutes I felt a little uncomfortable, also because I hate sitting still for a long time or lying still in this case (#zeropatience). But the rest of the time was easy peasy, I even had to confince myself NOT to fall asleep as they were filming and I didn’t want to drool on camera hahaha.

Before and after

Pictures say more than 1000 words right? So lets have a look at the before and after. As you can see my eyebrows were very thin (at some point this was fashionable, don’t ask me why hehe).

Swipe right on the picture to see the result after the first time microblading.

Swipe right to see before and after

Steps for eyebrow microblading in Bangkok

There are a few steps for the eyebrow microblading procedure.

1) The assistent will remove your make up around your eyebrows.

2) You will get some anesthetic creme on your eyebrows. This should retract 20 min. It will make the microblading less painfull.

3) Now the artist will shape your eyebrows. They will be messuread and the artist will make sure they are equal and the best shape for your face. You will also get a cute hat so no hairs will be in the way during the procedure.

4) The microblading can begin!

Microblading in action

To give a better idea on how eyebrow microblading in Bangkok works I uploaded this video. As you can see it looks similair to getting a real tattoo. The artist mixed two colours for my eyebrows to make it more natural. Coffee and a lighter brown colour. Sorry for the awkwardness at the end of the video haha , I was a little shy in front of the camera 😛

Hair stroke vs shading vs mixed

In the world of microblading you have 3 options. 

1) Hair stroke

​​This is a microblading technique by creating hair strokes all over the eyebrows shape to fill the empty gaps and give the illusion of fuller brows. The Hairstroke eyebrows design will give you the most natural look.

2) Shading

This technique consists in blending the color on the eyebrows by using several colors. A lighter color is applied at the head of the eyebrows while a darker color is applied at the tail. This will give your eyebrows a perfect shape without any empty gaps.

3) Mix of hair stroke and shading (this is the one I choose)

This is a combination of microblading technique and shading technique. This design is for people who are lazy to draw eyebrows everyday (YUP, that’s me!), who do not know how to draw eyebrows (Also me, at least not equal looking ones), or who have an old eyebrow tattoo, or who want both a natural look and a perfect shape.

Day 2-4

The second day after you wake up you will probably freak out a little looking in the mirror! Your eyebrows will be very dark! Don’t worry, this is normal. I really liked the colour, but my friend was totally freaking out and almost in tears. She was afraid her eybrows will be like that for the next coming 2 years.

Nope!! The colour will fade, it will actually fade so much after 2 weeks you’ll think you payed so much money for nothing…

Result after 2,5 weeks. My eyebrows look faded.

Day 28-42

To get the best results on your eyebrows you need to do two sessions. So don’t be afraid if your eyebrow are alsmost gone after two weeks. You will need to go back for a touch up. This way the artist can make them perfect again. Also they can adjust the shape a little if you like. I wanted the beginning of my eyebrows a little more straight.

Result after 2nd session.

End Result

I am very happy with the result. I wake up in the morning and my eyebrows are ready to go. Although when I go out I do still make them a little thicker with an eyebrow pencil. You don’t have to ofcourse, but I just like a little more drama when I go out 😉

Mona Nisa

There are quite a few salons that offer eyebrow microblading in Bangkok. But as we are talking about a temporary tattoo, you want to make sure you go to the best one! So I did quite a bit of research before I choose Mona Nisa, also I talked to a few girls that been here and they highly reccomended to go here as well.  

If you don’t believe me or you want to read some more reviews and ofcourse check the prices go to the website and you can find all the information you need. I know it is not cheap, but I’ll promise you will be in good hands! And think about the time you will save in the morning…

I KNOW!! It would be a dream!

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