Explore Bangkok with GoSnoop

Elke l’Amie

                           25 September 201822 March 2016

Explore Bangkok with GoSnoop.

Living in Bangkok for 3 years makes you wonder if you have seen it all. But don’t worry there is always something new that comes along that will amaze you as if it was your first day in this city.

I was invited by GoSnoop to explore Bangkok with a new kind of activity, a detective game. Of course, I was super excited to give it a go.

I can not give you all the secrets because that won’t be fair or fun. But I can tell you one thing, you will explore Bangkok in a totally different way. Spoiler alert it’s super fun!

Getting all the intructions for our hunt! 

Our Mission

We were sent on a 3-hour mission to find a missing Thai family. The police were unable to track them down so it was up to us to follow the clues and find out where the family is. 

In a group of 6 and a bag full of evidence we went to re-trace the steps the family took upon their dissaperance. 

Trying to find clues to get closer to the truth

Explore Bangkok in a different way

What I loved the most about this activity, was that it was something different than just visiting one of the beautiful temples. We discovered parts of Bangkok where we normally wouldn’t go. Most of my friends never even been to this part of town. While interacting with each other and trying to find clues it is a lovely and exciting group activity. And a major workout too, go burn some calories! Oh, and do not forget your water, you’ll get hot!!

The game is not just for tourists, but also for us expats. Even better is to take visitors to this fun activity in Bangkok. It will keep them occupied for 3-hours (and a long nap after).

Side note: for little kids, it might be a little too much as it is quite the walk and the clues are not always easy. Which is also another plus point, because it would be no fun if it was too easy. We just made it within the given time frame.

And our group won by one point! Air high five girls!!

The game is not just for tourists, but also for us expats. Even better to take your visitors to this fun activity in Bangkok.

We explored the lovely temple Wat Saket (the golden mount). It was fun as half of our group never even went to see this temple before. It is a little hard to get to, because there is no easy access from the BTS/MRT.

Explore the beautiful Wat Saket



If you are looking for a fun activity in Bangkok and not just want to go see one of the temples (or major shopping malls), I definitely recommend giving GoSnoop a go. If you are a tourist, expat or even for a team building activity at work it is super fun!

For now, there is only one game, but GoSnoop is working on two more games. I can’t wait until they are ready and I can do some more exploring.


GoSnoop is giving all my readers a 10% discount on their detective games.

Use the code: GoSnoopxbangkokexpatgirls” when you make a reservation on the GoSnoop website.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the game yourself! But I am pretty sure you’ll love it too!

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