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Elke l’Amie

                           15 January 2019 2 March 2016

Beachfront hotel Koh Samui 

A little while ago we were invited to the beautiful and peacefull beachfront hotel Koh Samui, Fair House villas.  If you are looking for a romantic escape in my favorite part of this island, Mae Nam, this is the place to be.

There are two Fair House Villas, but we went to the one in Mae Nam. For more tips about Koh Samui please read my other blog post “best of Koh Samui travel guide”.

Cute Welcome

Fair House Villas

Warm welcome

When we arrived at our suite we found a very warm and cute welcome gift. I loved the extra effort they made to welcome us. 

 Fair House Villas Koh Samui – Beachfront hotel Koh Samui                                             

Sunset suite

 Fair House Villas Koh Samui – Beachfront hotel Koh Samui                                             

Sunset suite

Amazing view

We were staying at the Sunset villa and I can definitly recommend this room. The view from the balcony is stunning! You can see the sea and the mountains, a totally zen spot. As bonus there is a private jacazzi. Who doesn’t want to take a bubble bath with a view like that. 

You can see the sea and the mountains, a totally zen spot.

Can you see yourself chillin’ here?

Relaxing jacuzzi bath @ Sunset Villa. Fair House Villas.

Tropical feeling  

All over luxurious resort in Mae Nam you can find pineapples. And what says tropical better than pineapples? Ok maybe coconuts, but I love pineapples too.

I wish I made more pictures with this street of pineapples. It would be totally #instagrammable


Pineapple paradise

Beachfront hotel Koh Samui ; Fair House Villas

Breakfast with a view  

As you know by now I have a thing with breakfast. I always read reviews of hotels to see what their breakfast is like. And it doesn’t even have to be special, just make sure you have pancakes and fruit 😉

Fair House villas, the beach front hotel Koh Samui, scored bonus points with pancakes and a view like this. That makes waking up early in the morning not so bad!

Weather on Koh Samui  

When we visited the luxury hotel in Koh Samui it was raining season and it rained almost every day.

That said beware Koh Samui can have extremly bad weather. This year there even was a big tropical storm. Normally it will rain a few hours and clear up after that. But its seems the last few years the weater is highly unpredictable during late October – beginning January.

Is doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though! It just makes it a little harder to use the beach swing.

Visit Fair House villas too!

If you are looking for a beach front , quiet , mountain view (do I really need to say more?) villa on my favorite part of the island in Koh Samui… Fair House Villas is your place to go.

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