5 Reasons why you should live in Bangkok.

Elke l’Amie

                           23 October 201722 March 2016

Why live in Bangkok?

Two years ago my husband and I moved to Bangkok and although we have been here before, it was still very exciting and a bit scary as well. Of course, a three week holiday is totally different than an actual move.

I don’t want to persuade you into moving to Bangkok, but I do want to help you make the right decision.

So why live in Bangkok? Let me give you 5 reasons why I live in Bangkok and I think you will love it for the same reasons.

Visiting the Red Lotus Floating Market

Bang Lane, Nakhon Pathom.

1. Making friends is easy

We all worry about making friends in a new city, but you know we are all in the same situation. That makes it a little easier. An important reason why to live in Bangkok is that is very easy to make new friends here. For one because there are many expats living in Bangkok from all nationalities. And most of them are just like you and me looking for new friendships.

Second of all is that there are many ways to make new friends. If you want you can meet them in a bar, but I prefer the website “Meet up”. Via this website, you can find all kinds of groups. Most of these groups organize events (therefore the name meetup ;-)). From exploring Bangkok to ladies nights or even sports events. Whatever you prefer, you can find it there. This is an important reason why to live in Bangkok.

I know we all love our comfortable blanket and Netflix, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you can share your favorite series with your new friends. Sometimes you just have to step a little out of your comfort zone to make new friends.

Join our Facebook group and start making new friends.

Do you want to meet new people?  Join our Bangkok Expat Girls Facebook group and feel free to introduce yourself.  Or would you like to meet up for coffee, just shout out on our Facebook page, there are always people who would like to hang out.

Sky train in the city of Bangkok

2. Best public transport

If you are used to traveling by train like me, you will love this reason why to live in Bangkok. The best way to get around in Bangkok is by public transport. Traffic in Bangkok sucks big time and with a maximum waiting time of 6 minutes (non-rush hour) and 2 minutes in rush hour, Metro (MRT) and Skytrain (BTS) are the best inventions in Bangkok. Especially when I compare it to The Netherlands, where you have to wait 15 minutes (minimum) for a train that decides not to ride because there are leaves on the tracks. “Can you feel my frustration here ;-)”.

With a maximum waiting time of 6 minutes (non-rush hour), Metro (MRT) and Skytrain (BTS) are the best inventions in Bangkok.

Ok, maybe during rush hour (6-8 pm) you won’t be able to get on the first train or you are very cozy with all the other travelers. But hey, didn’t you want to meet new people? And you got to love the way everyone stands in a line playing with their phone (“yep guilty too”), waiting for their turn to get in.

Don’t even get me started on the price difference. Even taxis are cheaper than for example in Jakarta, Singapore, and Tokyo oh and don’t even ask about Europe. For some routes in Bangkok, you can even take a 14 THB Boat. 

3. Cost of living is cheaper

As I said before it depends on where you are from, but compared to The Netherlands the cost of living in Thailand is cheaper. But don’t get me wrong, if you want to live like you did back home, it will cost you.

But still, the cost of living here is cheaper. For one accommodation in Thailand is less expensive. City Center Bangkok and close to MRT or BTS is a little up the price range, but even then, half the price as a similar apartment in the center of Amsterdam.

Water and electricity are also really affordable and even better if you buy a fan instead of running the AC 24/7.

Grocery shopping

The thing I do find more expensive in Bangkok is groceries. Let’s start with the important things WINE and CHEESE (yes, I totally got you!). Wine and Cheese or anything imported for that matter is expensive due to tax. Same as sugar-free and most organic stuff. Thai people love their sugar, so if you want sugar-free yogurt you’ll have to pay a little more. So here it really depends on what you buy. The first couple of months I totally went all out on local and Thai food. But after 2 years I find myself cooking (“yes I cook SOMETIMES haha”) more western type of dishes (“a girl needs her pasta!”).

Wine and Cheese or anything imported for that matter is expensive due to tax.

Just try to balance between cooking a nice western dish and ordering a delicious Thai meal and I am sure your cost will be balanced too.


4. It is very easy to settle down here

Bangkok has all you need as for reasons why to live in Bangkok. You can get the most beautiful luxury apartment with access to a pool and gym for a fair price. Bangkok has many restaurants, from, the most delicious Thai food to all cuisine you want. Good thing if you are a little homesick. Bangkok’s nightlife is amazing. You have sports bars, rooftop bars, and clubs, all on your doorstep. Although most clubs close a little too early for my taste, but then there is always a 24hr restaurant place like Margarita Storm to close the night.

And if you like shopping you found your city. Bangkok is packed with shopping malls, would almost say too many malls. But no girl will ever complain about too much shopping right. 😛

It is very easy to get lazy in Bangkok and not only because of the weather. You can use all kind of apps to order food and groceries to your house. The perfect solution for raining season.

Hot and smelly on the local khlong boat.


5. The weather

If you haven’t found your reason why to live in Bangkok yet, I am sure this one will do the trick. At least it did it for me!

I don’t know what kind of weather girl you are, but I like my share of sunshine. And with Thailand having three seasons “hot, hotter and hottest” I found my place to live.

During the months April/ May it can be extremely hot (35-40 degrees), but further, the weather is pretty pleasant. In the months June- October it is raining season and it seems to last longer every year (at least it feels like it). But you don’t hear me complaining! Rain is only for an hour or so and it will be nice and sunny after again. Do bring some rainboots as some streets in Bangkok tend to flood. But the water disappears after a few hours. Mostly the weather is nice and hot. Just the way I like it haha :).

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