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What to see in Pattaya?

  TRAVEL; WEEKEND TRIPS What to see in Pattaya?   Elke l'Amie                            10 May 201822 March 2016 Let's start with... Two hours away from Bangkok is Pattaya. It is a fun place for expats living in Bangkok. It is close to the big city and if you stay in...

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Traditional Thai food Bangkok

  GUIDES; FOOD Traditional Thai Food Bangkok Baan Nual   Elke l'Amie                            7 May 201822 March 2016 Authentic Thai food in Bangkok As there are so many places to eat here it is sometimes hard to find a good local restaurant. Especially one that...

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Miami style Boutique Hotel – Wave

Hotel reviews A BEAUTIFUL BOUTIQUE HOTEL IN THE CENTER OF PATTAYA  Wave Hotel Pattaya Elke l'Amie                            26 April 201822 March 2016 Miami style boutique hotel - best hotel in Pattaya Last week I had the amazing opportunity to stay at the best hotel...

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Best of Koh Samui – Travel Guide

TRAVEL; ISLANDS Best of Koh Samui travel guide Elke l'Amie                            15 February 201822 March 2016 Best of Koh Samui? Koh Samui is one of the bigger islands in Thailand and has been popular for many years. It was one of the first islands in Thailand I...

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Best Islands to visit in Thailand

  TRAVEL; ISLANDS Best Islands to visit in Thailand   Elke l'Amie                            05 December 201722 March 2016 Best islands to visit in Thailand? Thailand has many islands and all are very pretty. So I can imagine you get a bit overwhelmed when you are...

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